Let’s celebrate together the joy and peace of Inner Christmas

Paramhansa Yogananda calls Christmas a time of “spiritual grandeur.” He encourages us to find a balance between the Christmas our soul longs for, and social celebrations with friends and family. As a spiritual family we want to satisfy the longings of the soul first and then bring that deeper dimension of peace to our loved ones.

During this holy season we want to share special inspirations of Christ and the Masters with you: writings, blogs, videos and, most importantly, meditations. Together let us make the effort to commune with the omnipresent Christ consciousness and offer ourselves as channels of His light that has the power to unite us all!


Welcome to the calendar of this year’s holiday season. We wish you truly holy-days and joyful moments in our company and with your loved ones.

As this year’s theme is union, our calendar includes the activities of the Ananda Sangha Europe with all the free online satsangs and events on Ananda LIVE to support our spiritual family wherever they are and also the different courses and events at the Retreat Center at Ananda Assisi where you can spent this festive season with us.


3 – 9 January

Smouldering joy, oft puffed by meditation, blinding my tearful eyes, burst into immortal flames of bliss, consumed my tears, my frame, my all.
– Paramhansa Yogananda
from the poem Samadhi

4 January

RESIDENTIAL: First Kriya Initiation – January 2022 in English in Italian “If Kriya Yoga is practised with a sense of inner attunement to one’s own guru, it speedily lifts one to enlightenment.” –Swami Kriyananda

5 January

6:30 am ONLINE & RES: Meditation for Yogananda’s Birthday in English in Italian
In this special meditation, we want to tune into the joyful consciousness of our beloved Guru.


8:30 pm ONLINE & RES: Yogananda’s Birthday Celebration in English in Italian
Let us celebrate his birthday in a joyous celebration at the Temple of Light online and in-person with our spiritual family from all over the world!


6 January

6:30 am ONLINE: Morning Meditation with Purification in English in Italian

9 January

11:45 am – 1:30 pm ONLINE & RES: Sunday Service with Helmut and Mayadevi in English in Italian


Enjoy our latest videos and blogs to help you ignite the Light of Union within your Self and all around!

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