This year, this Christmas, we invite you to pack your suitcase. Carefully stow your devotion, make room for your faith and willpower, add your desire to open up more and more to divine love, joy, peace, light, wisdom, and finally, add everything you have to offer the cosmic beloved.

It is a holy and blessed journey, a time to prepare inwardly for the coming of Christ, to embrace in yourself the qualities He has manifested. We will offer you direction and guidance along the way: with events, satsangs, lectures, meditations, choir concerts, a whatsapp chat and daily inspiration.

You can take this journey by joining your spiritual family, here at Ananda to experience the power of Christ in person or by comfortably tuning in from your home. The result does not change. Hop on the train and travel with us to the heart of Christmas.


Make sure you pack your suitcase with some of these: our latest videos and blogs and let’s embark on this journey into the heart o Christmas: into radiant Light, into Divine Love and ever-new Joy!

Blogs & Articles


Our Advent Calendar

Every day on our Ananda Europe Instagram we will publish beautiful post with paintings from our artists and beautiful quotes to accompany us on our journey into the heart of christmas. 


Welcome to the calendar of this year’s holiday season. We wish you truly holy-days and joyful moments in our company and with your loved ones.


28 November – 4 December

“Ever-new Joy is God. He is inexhaustible; as you continue your meditations during the years, He will beguile you with an infinite ingenuity.”
-Paramhansa Yogananda

29 November

20:00 – 21:00 ONLINE: Satsang with Nayaswami Kirtani “Embarking on the  Journey into the Heart of Christmas   in Italian

4 December

5:00 pm RESIDENTIAL: Christmas Concert of the Ananda Joy Choir in Bagnara in English in Italian


5 – 11 December 

“O blazing Light! Awaken my heart, awaken my soul, ignite my darkness, tear the veil of silence, and fill my temple with Thy glory.”
– Paramhansa Yogananda

7 December

8:30 pm ONLINE & RES: Satsang with Darshan in Italian in Italian  


8 December

6:30 – 8:45 am ONLINE & RES: Special Meditation for the Divine Mother in English in Italian


20:30 pm RESIDENTIAL: Christmas Concert by the Ananda Joy Choir in English in Italian



12 – 18 December

“From the heart of peace alone Comes understanding. To bring peace to the world, we must seek it first within.”
– Swami Kriyananda

14 December

8:30 pm ONLINE: Satsang with Lakshmi in French “Retrouvez la spiritualité de Noël


15 December

8:30 pm ONLINE & RESIDENTIAL: “Revelation of Christ” Satsang with Narya in Italian   in Italian


16 – 18 December

RESIDENTIAL COURSE: The Joy of Inner Communion in English in Italian
Including the long Christmas meditation, a tradition begun by Yogananda.


17 December

8:30 pm ONLINE & RES: Christ Kirtan in English in Italian


18 December

9:00 am ONLINE & RES: 8-hour Christmas Meditation in English in Italian 
Let us celebrate his birthday in a joyous celebration at the Temple of Light online and in-person with our spiritual family from all over the world!



19 – 25  December

“My Heavenly Father, Thou art Love and I am made in Thine image. I am the cosmic sphere of Love, in which I behold all planets, all stars, all beings, all creation as glimmering lights. I am the Love that illumines the whole universe.”
— Paramahansa Yogananda

20 December

18:30 Christmas Concert of the Ananda Joy Choir in Orvieto in Italian

21 December

8:30 pm ONLINE: Satsang with Jayadev in German “Reise in das Herz Weihnachten   


20 – 26 December

RESIDENTIAL COURSE: Christmas at Ananda in English in Italian 
Christmas at Ananda is truly special: inspiring, simple, meaningful.


23 December

20:30 ONLINE & RES: Satsang: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  in Italian
Take a journey with us to the heart of Christmas: to the Holy Land!


24 December

21:30 ONLINE & RES: Christmas Eve Celebration in English in Italian 
Christmas Eve is one of the most beautiful and special moments of the Christmas season. 


25 December

11:45 – 13:30 ONLINE & RES: Christmas Sunday Service with Kirtani and Anand in English in Italian

20:30  ONLINE & RES: Christmas Concert in the Temple of Light in English in Italian


26 December – 1 January

“Love for God is not a sweet sentiment or a feeling that makes you weepy – it’s something incredibly powerful.
I remember once standing in the doorway saying goodbye to Yogananda, and he looked at me with a power that was overwhelming. […] it was a power that came out of his eyes and overwhelmed me. I stood rooted to the spot. The kind of power that he brought is what this world needs today”
– Swami Kriyananda

26 – 31 December

21:30 – 0:30 RESIDENTIAL COURSE: Reflections on 2022 in English in Italian
Every year for over 40 years this course on Reflections has been offered at Ananda during the last week of December.


30 December – 01 January

21:30 – 0:30 RESIDENTIAL COURSE: A New Tomorrow: New Year at Ananda in English in Italian
Celebrate the New Year with Ananda: an occasion always dear to our hearts, and this year even more so!


31 December

21:30 – 0:30 ONLINE & RES: New Year’s Eve Celebration in English in Italian
In this special meditation, we want to tune into the joyful consciousness of our beloved Guru.


1 January

10:30 ONLINE & RES: New Year Message by Kirtani and Anand in English in Italian
We start the new year with an inspiring message from our spiritual directors, Nayaswami Kirtani and Anand.


11:45 am – 1:30 pm ONLINE & RES: New Year’s Sunday Service with Narya and Premi in English in Italian


2 – 8 January

“Divine wisdom is Omniscience itself. In such wisdom there is no shadow of sorrow, only bliss absolute, bliss infinite, bliss eternal!”
-Swami Kriyananda

1 – 6 January

RESIDENTIAL COURSE: The Essence of Paramhansa Yogananda in English in Italian
Paramhansa Yogananda had a world mission: to inspire all souls with love for God and to share the teachings and practices of Kriya Yoga.

4 January

11:00 RESIDENTIAL: First Kriya Initiation – January 2022 in English in Italian

“If Kriya Yoga is practised with a sense of inner attunement to one’s own guru, it speedily lifts one to enlightenment.” –Swami Kriyananda

5 January

6:30 am ONLINE & RES: Meditation for Yogananda’s Birthday in English in Italian
In this special meditation, we want to tune into the joyful consciousness of our beloved Guru.


8:30 pm ONLINE & RES: Yogananda’s Birthday Celebration in English in Italian 
Let us celebrate his birthday in a joyous celebration at the Temple of Light online and in-person with our spiritual family from all over the world!


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How has your journey into the heart of Christmas been so far? We are certain that it has gone very well and that you have shared some of the gifts you received with those closest to you! But your journey is just beginning! Why? We will answer that straight away 😉

True christmas is an inner journey that lasts the whole year. You have just taken the first steps, but there is much to be done. You can bring the gifts of benevolence, selfless service, love and peace into your life every day and keep them alive through daily practice.

Tune in to these intentions to make the journey into the heart of Christmas a profoundly transformative experience and you will be helped and supported by us through The Joy of Giving initiative.

Giving is Bliss

In this article, Swami Kriyananda explains to us how giving from ourselves can lead us to bliss!

Live like Yogananda: Generosity

Nayaswami Asha shows us beautifully by examining Master’s core qualities how to be truly generous on all level’s and why.

"Altro articolo mancante"

—Articolo da inserire—

The Christmas tree is now filled with many hearts and stars that will enlighten us throughout the year. A special year in which we will continue to keep these sparks of love alive.

To do this we can simply choose to say yes to life. Start giving and you will also start receiving. These two aspects are in fact the manifestation of the same energy: giving opens the heart, and it is with an open heart that you will be receptive to the gifts that life generously presents to you.

What are you waiting for?