This page is primarily meant for those who have recognized themselves as disciples on the path of Self realization, but it will also be of interest for spiritual seekers who simply want to know more about the precious and little known subject of Discipleship.

You may have realized the inadequacy of your own habitual reactivity and be on the look for a wiser way to respond to life’s innumerable challenges. You may have come to experience life, no longer as something you need to fight, but rather as a subtle form of higher education.
At that point you may seek higher guidance and ask your teacher, life itself: “what do you want me to learn from these experiences?”

And at that very same point you are ready to explore the possibilities of discipleship.

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Deepending Our Understanding of Discipleship
Swami Kriyananda on Discipleship

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About Discipleship

While a widespread search might be necessary for some seekers in the beginning, a single-pointed determination is needed to reach the goal of Self-realisation. Some spiritual seekers are soon led to their masters and path; others require a much longer time to sort things out. Each seeker has his own past, his own karma. The seeds of spiritual yearning sprout in their own time.

It is said, “When the disciple is ready, the master appears.” Great masters have a magnetism that attracts many people. But only some of them are able to receive the fullness of their master’s teachings and grace.

Here we need to distinguish followers from disciples. The followers of a master are pleased to be with him and feel uplifted by his presence and words. To them the master gives a message of encouragement and inspiration. The disciples of a master, however, are those willing to follow not only the master’s physical presence but also—more importantly—his metaphysical advice. They accept his discipline and undertake the rigorous work to reach perfection.

A story is told about a Chinese emperor whose minister brought back reports from the northlands of an enormous monastery where thousands of monks lived. They had created a place of peace and incomparable beauty. The emperor decided to visit, and when he met the abbot he commented, “What a beautiful place you have created here. How many disciples are there?” The abbot responded, “Residents are in the thousands; disciples, perhaps one or two”.


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Creativity is an important principle of discipleship: it manifests, on this earthly plane, the ever newness of God’s bliss...

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Spiritual Counselling

Do you have questions? Feel in need of more direct support? Disciples are welcome and encouraged to be in touch personally with one of the spiritual counsellors by letter, phone, skype or in person.



Here you will find the answers to many of the most common questions on Kriya Yoga and discipleship. The answers have been mostly taken from Swami Kriyananda’s talks or from question and answers sessions.
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Kriya Yoga Masters

This section offers you information about the Kriya Yoga masters in the line of Yogananda. This spiritual path has an inspiring history that comes from the gathering of two important masters: Jesus Christ and Mahavatar Babaji.
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