Swami Kriyananda

The life of an advanced Kriya Yogi is influenced, not by effects of past actions, but solely by directions from the soul … The superior method of soul living frees the yogi who, shorn of his ego-prison, tastes the deep air of omnipresence.

– Paramhansa Yogananda

“The single most important event of my life was taking my first Kriya Yoga Initiation at Ananda in the summer of 1975. I have regularly and faithfully practiced Kriya since that time and I can say, without reservation, that all the promises that our Gurus make regarding Kriya Yoga and what it can do for your spiritual progress are very, very true — they are actually even more so than they say!” — S.S.

“I was searching all my life for a spiritual path. I tried different meditation techniques. I visited many different churches. The first time I came to Ananda, I took a yoga workshop, and I could see the inner joy of those who worked there. They have what I’m looking for, I thought. I went on to take Kriya. Many of my friends have noticed a change in me. I am still going deeper in my meditations. I truly have found the joy within!” — V.P.

“You can’t imagine how my life has changed since I decided to practice Kriya Yoga. Most of the time I feel joyful—joyful eyes, smiling face, energy flowing through my body, a strong outlook on life, a faith in something outside of myself, something much greater.” —F. B.

“The blessings of our Gurus have stayed with me. This Kriya weekend was so special. Seventeen years ago I read Autobiography of a Yogi, and knew that was my way. But life sometimes is not easy and I walked away. This weekend I felt blessed and chosen to receive this sacred teaching.” — K.B.

“Kriya has been helping me by making me see things in the right perspective. My feelings are more balanced, my ideas more clearly organized, my devotion has increased and my attachments decreased. I no longer feel the need to eat as often as before, and my words have a stronger effect on other people and events.” — O.P.

“I use Kriya to focus deeply on one thought, concept, or dilemma. In this practice I find Kriya wonderful for problem-solving, as it creates a center of peace and calmness in a very busy, disorganized, and demanding world.” — K.W.

“Kriya and this path have given my life purpose and direction. No matter what “storm” is swirling around the boat of life, there’s always a clear light and a calm harbor! Thank you Master, Swami Kriyanandaji, and all the true, dedicated, joyful souls of Ananda. I can’t imagine any better way of life.” — J.B.

“It was not until I was initiated into Kriya that things really changed for me. I have my ups and downs, but as I practice Kriya, it brings me back to what’s important—seeking and actually feeling the presence of the Divine in my life. Kriya always brings me back on the path to God. For me, Kriya Yoga has been the difference between having a deep, meaningful spiritual life and still being our there reading books, seeking, dabbling and not finding anything fulfilling. Kriya works. It brings me joy, peace and a connection with God that I never thought possible in my life.” — R.R.

“I’ve been a Kriyaban for over 30 years and Ananda Kriya Sangha has been of great help to me. Many of us live far from other Kriyabans, and to have inspiration and practical advice on a regular basis can keep our practice energized. Each time my energy flags, it seems like that’s the time I receive an email from the Kriya Sangha, reminding me that I’m not the only one practicing . There always seems to be some new twist on the practice to help me get back on track and enthusiastic again. What a blessing to have these techniques, and to have the help and support to practice regularly!” — S.D.

“Thank you again for the Kriya Preparation week. Those days were the most wonderful experience of my life.” — M.

“I can’t put into words what a powerful weekend it was. The pertinence of the Kriya preparation program, the careful instruction, timing, and sequence of the classes, the energy of the other members of our Kriya preparation group made for a very special weekend and a deep Kriya initiation.” — G. K

“Nothing can stop me now that I know Kriya. It feels like I have the missing link in my spiritual search.” —P. B.