Rise Oh My Soul in Freedom!

Money should serve the necessary necessities of life, Yogananda said, and no more. Swami Kriyananda, expanding on his Guru’s teaching, distinguishes between money “in itself” and people’s desire for it. When they desire it, money becomes one of the principal delusions in life, in that it offers endless opportunities to satisfy other desires, for things that go way beyond the … Read More


The Root of All Evil
can Yield the Fruit of Altruism

I can still recall, from my childhood,  a TV commercial for an expensive camera.  It featured a famous tennis star in a flashy setting and pounding music. “Image is everything,” he proclaimed. Growing up, my mother cared a lot about our family’s appearance and would always compliment my sister and me when we looked smart.  Excelling in school was also … Read More

Thank you God


“…the primary lesson to be learned on earth, as exemplified by God, is to every day share at least a little of your earthly possessions with worthy, needy persons, or, still better, with worthy, needy Divine Causes.” -Paramhansa Yogananda in the Second Coming of Christ When we give to others, whether it’s a smile, a gift, our love, time, energy, … Read More