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Avoiding Anxiety while Viewing the World’s Problems

What can we do to avoid anxiety when viewing the problems that afflict the world? That’s a good question, especially at a time in which we are bombarded with news that is, intentionally or not, alarming. First Covid, then masks, then lockdown, then fear of the variant, fear that the vaccine can be harmful, and then the green pass, and … Read More

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How to Create a Spiritual Organisation?

Recently a women asked me “If I am a healer, a Yoga teacher or work in the social sector, it is easy to create a spiritual organisation. But, I am an IT expert, I do not understand. How can I create a spiritual organisation with that?” It is not ‘what you do’ which is essential for creating a spiritual organisation, … Read More

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Ananda Assisi Goes Green

Ananda’s mission always has been and always will be spiritual. Swami once said about communities, “I’m not interested in communities, except as a place where people can grow spiritually”. We certainly have never considered ourselves an ecovillage, which seemed to us to have a different focus: eco-sustainability. However, several years ago, when Kosha Joubert, executive director of the Global Ecovillage … Read More