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How to Overcome Karma-mess with Calmness 

Remain ever calm within. Be even-minded. When working, be calmly active. Someday, you will know yourself to be subject no longer to the tides of Destiny. Your strength will come from within; you will not depend on outer incentives of any kind for motivation.  – Paramhansa Yogananda  Have you ever been on a ship, traveling during a storm, with the … Read More

Right Attitudes

Live without Fear

Human beings, having wandered away from the Source of love, God, and having identified with a vulnerable physical body, forgot their essential immortal and indestructible nature, and began believing in the reality of death and, as a result, they developed fear. There are times, however, when fear is necessary. For example, it is wise to be afraid of tigers in … Read More

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Developing Calmness

Nervousness the Opposite of Calmness Calmness is the ideal medium through which we should receive everything. Nervousness is the opposite of calmness. Today nervousness seems to be the world’s disease. He is your best friend who humbly suggests to you how you may be benefited. Many people think that by forgetting disease you get rid of disease. You may forget … Read More