Where to Anchor in
a Fragmenting World?

We are living in a time when all certainties, one by one, are crumbling. Everything that was built during the dark age of Kali Yuga at all levels is now somehow dissolving, while coming in contact with the higher frequency of Dwapara Yuga that we fully entered in 1899. Kali Yuga used to believe only in matter. The concept of … Read More

Facing Challenges, Spirituality in Daily Life

How to Develop Clarity in a Time of Confusion 

We are living in times of great confusion. Bombarded with conflicting information, all presented as truth, when often it is merely an opinion or a speculation based on confused facts. It is like a scene from a comedy movie I saw some years ago in which Robin Hood sees his companion Blinking, who was blind, taking his turn as the … Read More


How to Achieve Peace of Mind

It would be relatively easy to control the mind, were our conscious thought processes all we had to deal with. Unfortunately for this wished-for ease, the conscious mind is only the tip of a vast iceberg of consciousness. Buried in the subconscious, too deep even for conscious recognition, is a vast realm of unfulfilled desires and unresolved tendencies, which often … Read More

Meditation and Kriya Yoga

Meditation: A Universal Problem-Solver

A Muslim should perform his namaj worship four times daily. Four times daily a Hindu should sit in meditation. A Christian should go down on his knees four times daily, praying to God and then reading the Bible.” With these words, Lahiri Mahasaya highlighted one of the cornerstones of the path of kriya yoga: its universality. The liberating technique of … Read More

A Touch of Light, Divine Grace, Prayer and Devotion