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A Boy Trying to Fit in with the World

When someone asks about your earliest childhood memory, what comes to mind? For me, it was fear. Specifically, fear that I would be drafted into the army and killed in battle. I remember making myself sick in the back seat of the car, lost in an overwhelming sense of doom, while everyone else seemed perfectly fine, happily chatting away. Even … Read More

Community, Discipleship, Stories of Devotees

How the Guru Guides Us
in Every Stage of Life

Failure is the jumping off point to success. When a door closes in your life, don’t beat on it, hoping it will open back up…look for the open doors. There are no obstacles, only opportunities. These were my unconscious directives in 1973, when my 4-year marriage ended: I didn’t want to dwell on my “failed” marriage and I sensed that … Read More