Discipleship, The Teachings of Jesus

From Prodigal to Pilgrim

If you, thinking of God, take one step towards Him, in response, He, who is more kind than a mother, thinking of you, takes nine steps—such a long distance—and accepts you. So great is His grace. (Ramana Maharishi) Yogananda’s encounter with Ramana Maharishi, whom he named “the enlightened Rishi of South India,” highlights the universal power hidden behind Jesus’s parable … Read More


Living with a Master

“Keep doing everything with an eye on God and guru. Inherent in that is your good since Atma or your soul is your real guru.” Lahiri Mahasaya For the spiritual seeker wishing to understand the need for a guru (or more specifically to understand the guru-discipleship relationship), there are many expositions of this in the writings of Paramhansa Yogananda and … Read More