“Christ must be lived, to be known. He is ever-living and is born in all good actions, in every act of material and spiritual service, and in the manger of meditation. ― Master in Inner Culture magazine, December 1936

Christmas, the season of peace, of comfort and joy. The first Christmas eve the angels sang, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and goodwill to all.”  Every year we remember this message filled with love and hope, a message too precious to think about for only a small part of each year. Our world and each of our lives need this precious gift now more than ever. Tuning into the Christmas story in all it’s simple beauty can bring an immediate sense of serenity to our hearts and minds, whatever activity we may be engaged in.

In his teachings Master talks about tuning into the Christ Consciousness, especially at Christmas time, and receiving the gifts that will come. What are these gifts? Master tells us we will receive Divine love and ever new joy. But first, we must offer our gifts to the Christ Consciousness; our open hearts, our faith and devotion. Above all the wish to be channels for God’s grace in the world, and to live our lives just as Christ did; following the will of God first.

Peace begins in each heart

Peace on earth and goodwill to all, begins in each heart. Throughout the Christmas season, find ways to feel and share more peace and joy as you live your life and interact with others. Master said we should strive to do this always not only during Christmas time. While this may be a challenge for us, Master is asking us to try. What can we do, how can we make our busy lives shine with the glorious spirit of Christmas?

  • Dedicate each meditation to Christ, or to each of our Masters in turn. Ask for their guidance and blessings on your practice.
  • Make each meditation deeper than the one before, Master said, and peace and joy will come, the gifts of Christ Consciouness.
  • Master said give to everyone at this time, not only to those we love and feel a connection with. Christ gave, his love to all, equally. Let us try to do the same.
  • Pause a moment and tune into the holiness of Christmas, the pure, humble beginnings of a great spiritual master. Let the peace and gratitude this brings fill your heart and renew your spirit.
  • Listen to seasonal music that moves you to joy and peace.
  • Share whatever you receive with everyone you encounter. Giving is the essence of Christmas, and the inner gifts are the most precious to give.

May the joy, peace and goodwill of Christmas inspire you every day, and may you share the blessings you receive with everyone you encounter.

Master at a Christmas banquet 1951

“Doors of joy, which may have been long closed within us all, should be thrown wide open at the coming Christmastide in memory of One whose divine example has lit the way down twenty centuries… This is my prayer for you all on this occasion of spiritual Christmas, that you keep those little doors of joy open so that the ocean of Christ-consciousness may continuously, uninterruptedly, flow into you.”   ― Master’s Christmas message to Yogoda students in 1929

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