Christ is only suggested in social Christmas festivities, but He is seen and felt as an everlasting, ever-joyous Fact in the cradle of Divine Ecstasy. Prepare yourself to celebrate Christmas in the real way, as humbly suggested in the following:

l. Prepare your heart so that you may say to those who crucify you daily with unkind actions and words and ingratitudes in exchange for the good you give them: “Father, teach me to love those, my error-stricken brethren, who know not what they do, so that with my love I may persuade them to better ways of living and not make them stronger in evil by driving them to it by unkindness.”

2. Make your heart an altar of Christ-love, which is in all races, loving them equally. Love all races as the uniform dwelling place of omnipresent Christ.

3. Forgive all your imaginary and real enemies even as Christ forgave His adversaries.

4. Make up your mind to love Christ as the joy of deep meditation, and thus celebrate the second coming of Christ, and a Spiritual Christmas, daily within yourself.

5. Make the unknown Christ known within yourself by seeing Him born a second time as the ever-new, ever-increasing joy of your daily deep meditation.

6. Govern all the actions of your life with the honesty and fearlessness of Jesus Christ.

7. Overcome the sorrow-producing temptations of the senses by the self-control of Jesus Christ and by developing a taste for all good things. Forego the temporary pleasures of the senses and pursue the lasting, true happiness of the Soul.

8. Behold the omnipresent joy of Christ in all men, in all Saints, in all creatures, in the star-peopled Cosmos, and in the temple of your own thoughts.

9. Remember that, although Christ was born once, still He can be born again every Christmas, or at any other time, in your meditation-awakened consciousness.

10. Give good for evil, understanding for misunderstanding, kindness for unkindness, peace for disquietude, calmness for restlessness, and lasting Bliss for sense pleasure..

11. Behold the omnipresent, ever-living Christ born anew in your devoted attention.

12. Do whatever you do with the thought and peace of Christ. This Christmas behold Christ born anew in the beauty of all Nature, in your awakened wisdom, in everything which wears true beauty, and in everybody who saturates himself with the fragrance of Christ-qualities.

13. Exchange Spiritual gifts by giving your outstanding good qualities to others who need them and by receiving the ennobling Soul-qualities of those who are great and who love you for your own good

14. Exchange gifts with the thought of Christ and the thought of giving Him the gift of your heart and receiving the gift of Himself on the Christmas tree of your calm consciousness, richly decorated and glistening with the Soul-qualities of all those you have met and loved. Through the portal of your meditation, let your imprisoned joy escape to, and rest in, the heart of Christ, which is in everything. Let your joy dance in the farthest planets, over the vastness of the blue, and in the nearest waves of your love. Then you will behold Christ cradled in every manifest thing.


  1. Amen!! This says it all…all about Christ in our hearts for Christmas! Beautifully presented. Thank you, Victoria

    1. This resonates so deeply! Thank you for the timely guidance.

  2. Brilliant , eloquent, deep wisdom from the master
    Paramahansa Yogananda. Merry Christmas to all
    God bless. 🙏

  3. Real way of celebrating christmas . Thank you very much for this marvelous articles you have presented. Praise the Lord

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