This is a message of my heart to you. Read, mark, inwardly digest, and put my thoughts into practice.

Ask yourself: “I have been following a religion, or have been changing one for another, but have I found God?

If you find your answer unsatisfactory to yourself, try to sincerely get busy with meditation as taught by the Masters of SelfRealization. India’s saints experimented for ages upon the best universal methods for scientific emancipation. For your own satisfaction, follow them, for you cannot find the Supreme without following the law of concentration and meditation which lead to Him. Material scientists are gathering secrets from nature every day by following the laws which lead to discovery, but most “isms,” due to dogmatism, are stagnant and unable to open the doors to God.

Likewise, blind prayers or affirmations or decrees of foolish beliefs will not do. Step-by-step methods of Selfrealization technique, the help of a Guru Preceptor (one who has traveled to God through the forest of theology), and daily deep efforts of meditation, can get you to the divine Goal. To reach God you must get away from crowds, too many distractions, too many movies, too many fruitless engagements, too many desires, too much waste of time, too many blind and hypocritical commercial teachers.

Use the night hours as much as you can, and the early morning, and all gaps between demanding duties, to inwardly pray with your soul to God, “Reveal Thyself.” Solitude is the price of God-realization. Wake, waste no more time trying to follow the blind, but follow the tested methods of Selfrealization. Use your common sense and intuition to distinguish between those who worthily use business methods in religion, and those that use religion for business or for personal support or personal ambition only. Those alone who have experienced God can lead you to Him.

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